Game Video Feedback

Event Details

Location: N/A

Ages: All ages

Date: Dec 5-15, 2023

New to 2022-2023!

Send game video of your goalie for Byron to analyze and provide tangible feedback. With experience cutting and clipping video for goalies at the National Program with Hockey Canada, and Winnipeg Ice, Byron has a ton of experience helping goalies learn from their game actions.

Goalies are increasingly visual learners. Taking skills learned during goalie specific skates and translating them to game situations can be challenging. Going over game footage can help give goalies a full understanding of skills and how to translate them from practice, to games. Game video can be cut into any categories the goalies are looking for.

Contact Byron to set up your Drive folder and begin uploading videos for feedback.


  • $100 +GST for a single game
  • $400 +GST for a 5 game package